Clean Her Soles & Trampling – Shiny Shoejobs
by spider | post in Shiny Shoejobs | 2018/03/11 00:10

Clean Her Soles & Trampling – Shiny Shoejobs
I know you have been fantasising about it. Me, commanding you to get down on the floor, just under my pretty shoes, and being used like an object, using only your tongue to clean the soles of my heels. That’s right, lick my well worn heels, I want them to be spotless! Follow my instructions, lick up and down and do not forget the heel. Gag on it if needed. They have to be perfectly clean. My soles being now a bit wet, I need to wipe them and I will use your body to do so. Ever dreamt of being my door mat? Let Me show you how I love crushing your body with my cruel heels, stepping on your chest. And you’ll thank Me for that.
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