Mistress Gaia – Newbie Shoe Licker Training
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Mistress Gaia – Newbie Shoe Licker Training
CUSTOM REQUEST – You are wearing leggings and flat soled sandals and black nail and toe polish.
1. You order the slave to crawl on the floor lying on his belly towards you as you are standing up. He licks, sucks, and kisses your sandals.
2. You then decide maybe slave needs some pleasure on his small cock and your give him handjob, but not in a nice way. The slave is on the floor on his back and you grip his cock hard only on the head part and stroke it sensitively until he cums.
3. Even when slave cums you keep stroking his cock for a post orgasm sensation. Then you put slave into a cockbox, and give him a shoejob crushing his cock flat under your sandals. You cover the entire cock and you press and rub it until slave cums under your sandals. Lots of POV view of the slave looking up at your gorgeous body and face during the shoejob, but the cum view is from the slaves view watching you press and rub his cock under the soles of your entire sandals until he cums.
4. You are still not finished with the slave, and you decide to give him a footjob. However, a different one. You put your barefoot on the slaves cock and crush it flat with your entire foot covering the cock, and you order your slave to move his cock under your soles and make himself cum while your put crushing pressure on his cock until he cums…
File Size : 656 MB Runtime : 26 min 39 s Resolution : 1920×1080 Format video: MP4


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